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Drug tunnel ran from old KFC in Arizona to Mexico bedroom BBC News.
This is not the first such discovery two years ago a 2600ft, tunnel was found by authorities in San Diego, California. Authorities said it was one of the longest such drug tunnels ever discovered, used to transport an unprecedented" cache" of cocaine and marijuana.
Downtown Tunnels Downtown Houston.
Only Wells Fargo Plaza and McKinney Garage on Main offers direct access from the street to the tunnel; otherwise, entry points are from street-level stairs, escalators, and elevators located inside office buildings that are connected to the tunnel. For a map of the tunnels and the buildings they connect, click here.
FAQ The Boring Company.
Once a tunnel boring machine is below approximately two tunnel diameters, or 28 feet, the tunneling process is almost impossible to detect, especially in soft soil. The tunnel operation is inaudible, and there is typically more surface vibration felt from a pedestrian walking nearby than from the TBM operating 30 feet below.
IDF Hezbollah tunnel-destroying material discovered in Lebanon The Jerusalem Post.
It is clear that this factory belongs to Hezbollah and was used to build tunnels, Manelis said, adding that there were other locations in Kfar Kila which were connected to tunnels and therefore the IDF saw material come out in several locations, including into residential homes.
Shanghai Tunnel.
WHAT WAS THE PORTLAND" UNDERGROUND." The Portland" Underground" tunnels, more popularly known as the Shanghai" Tunnels, were basements of buildings that connected to other buildings through brick and stone archways that were intersected with tunnels that connected under the streets, linking block to block.
RA: The Tunnels Aberdeen nightclub.
RARE to launch weekly Wednesday takeover of Sub Club. Kornél Kovács and DJ Boring are lined up to play the Scottish promoter's' new night at the Glasgow venue, while Moxie and HAAi are booked for Thursdays at The Tunnels in Aberdeen.
Tunnels Blue Ridge Parkway. Tunnels Blue Ridge Parkway.
Skip to Main Content. Blue Ridge Parkway. Search this Site. About the Parkway. Plan Your Trip. Lodging, Dining, Things to Do. Parkway Visitor Centers. Travel Tips Regulations. Get the Parkway Travel Planner PDF or Print. Get the Parkway App. Stories from the Road. Know Before You Go. Blue Ridge Parkway Tunnel Heights. Note: Maximum height shown is at centerline stripe of the road. Minimum height shown is at edge stripe. Measurements may vary by 1 to 6 inches due to pavement fluctuations. To view the tunnel locations on our interactive map, click here and select Tunnels. Twin Tunnel 1.
Mersey Tunnels Mersey Tunnels.
Fast Tag is the most efficient method of payment through the Mersey Tunnels, see our Tolls Fees and Charges, more than 50% of our current users recognise the benefits of Fast Tag for every journey. How much will you save?
Jerusalem Western Wall Tunnels Western Wall Heritage Foundation.
The Western Wall Tunnels. The Western Wall Tunnels, a time tunnel to ancient Jerusalem, expose the visitor to construction, sites, and artifacts that shed light on life in this special city during its most glamorous era, the Second Temple period.

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